KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler Review

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My hair is hands down the most neglected part of my beauty routine. Aside from my trusty blow dryer I don't normally use any other hair appliances on a daily basis. But over the last few years as traditional "clamp" curling irons have been replaced with wands and automatic curling devices, I've been thinking of upgrading to one of these newer, easier to use type of curling tools. And I finally did!

The Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler claims to create "effortless curls at the touch of a button" it also says there "no need to be a pro" to get "long lasting, tangle free curls." Sounds like a winner to me...! 

So first, the InstaWave is not just a regular curling wand. Its clamp free, but features an added "automatic" curling mechanism around the base. This winds your sectioned hair securely around the rod to achieve the perfect curl.  It heats up super fast to 420 degrees (there's a low setting as well), and it has a light which turns blue so you know when its ready to use. I like that the curling "action" can be done in both directions (left and right) so no matter which side of your head you're working on, the direction of the curls will match up.

This curler also features a rotating cord and it shuts off automatically after 90 minutes.

The directions are simple enough, but in reality there is a learning curve when using this curler.  The curler must to held vertically against the hair, otherwise it won't rotate around the hair like its supposed to. It took me a good 10 mins to figure out how to get my hair to "curl" around the rod properly before I realized how I had to hold the curler. Once I got my hair to curl around the rod,  the rest was simple. Just let the hair sit on the rod for a few seconds (the box recommends 5-10 seconds depending on the type of curl you want)  and then pull the InstaWave down vertically, letting the hair out. 
Top: InstaWave used correctly. Bottom: This is what happens when you don't place the hair at the correct angle on the InstaWave. 

I also had a friend use it in her daughters hair so I could get some pics of the Instawave in action. Because of the various heat settings, the InstaWave performed equally as well on my hair 3c/4a hair as it did on my friend's 2a/b hair.

Overall the Kiss Instawave is a lot of fun to use, however if you already own a curling wand or even an older curling iron, I think you can pass on it. It can be purchased from Ulta, Amazon and even Walmart!

Product provided for my consideration. All reviews are my own honest and unbiased opinions.
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