E.L.F. Mineral Makeup Brushes

By | Friday, October 01, 2010 9 comments

Just got these brushes in the mail today. These are fairly new on ELF's site and even though I don't really need new makeup brushes, I couldn't resist. I already own brushes from the ELF Studio line and the regular line that I love, so I was fairly confident the quality of these would be up to par.

According to ELF, these brushes are anti-bacterial with synthetic taklon fibers, bamboo handles and aluminum ferrules. They're recommended for mineral makeup and can be used with wet or dry products.

From first impressions I think these are going to be great; they have the same super soft, dense hairs like the studio line brushes except these are more densely packed. I haven't used them on my face yet since they are still wet from their first washing and will probably need a second washing to get rid of the chemical smell all ELF brushes are famous for (is that why they're so cheap?). Even without using them, I can already tell I'll be getting backups of the allover eyeshadow brush, the blending eyeshadow brush and the contoured blush brush since I can tell I'll be getting a lot of use out of them.

These are normally $5.00 each, but when I brought them there was a %50 off coupon available, so I only paid $2.50 a piece!

Will post a more detailed review and close up pics soon.
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  1. Great review! I love Elf brushes, I'm going to buy these on my next Elf order.


  2. nice review. i was just wondering, do the brushes remain soft after the washes?
    i have tried ELf eye mineral stuff and like it since my skin doesnt react too much to it :) but was too iffy about buying their brushes.. i need to feel them beforehand =/
    i just want to try their foundation brush.. have you tried that? how did you find it?
    thanks :)
    p.s. im new to ur blog and really like reading it :D

  3. Welcome to my blog brownsmoke, so happy to have you as a reader! I haven't tried the foundation brush yet, but the other mineral brushes I have are still very soft, even after numerous washings! I also haven't noticed any shedding which is a huge plus for me. I'll probably order the rest of the set the next time ELF offers a good coupon.

  4. I think the next 50% off all brushes is on starting from Monday as the present "50% off on single use items" expires.

  5. Thanks for the tip LiisK! I think I'm about ready for another ELF haul, lol! I think I'll finally get the rest of the mineral brush set and a few more backups of some other ones.

  6. Too bad for me the Studio line Kabuki Face brush is out of stock :S, I would have loved to stock up on those too...

  7. @LiisK, thats too bad. Some of the brushes I wanted were sold out too, like the Studio line Stipple brush :(

  8. I didn't like the blush or all over face brush because they just weren't dense enough. The shadow and blending brush are awesome though. I have two each and am considering getting a few more (despite having Sigma brushes). A makeup lover can never have too many brushes, lol.

  9. @Adjua, I totally agree, no matter how many brushes I buy, I can always use more, lol.