Sonia Kashuk Holiday 2014 "All That Jazz" Brush Set

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After the disappointment of the Sephora 24k Gold Mine Brush set I was looking for something to fill my gold makeup brush void, lol. Lo and behold, one of my favorite drugstore brands Sonia Kashuk came to the rescue! 
The "All That Jazz" Holiday 2014 set caught my eye while I was wandering the aisles of my local Target. There are actually a few other pieces in this Holiday Collection, including the smaller 4-piece "Golden Age" brush set and the visually stunning "Deco Starlet" eyeshadow palette (I may go back and get this).

 Sonia Kashuk put a lot of great detailing into the "All that Jazz" brush set, while making sure the brushes were still practical to use. The black and gold design on the handles is just awesome and the textured gold ferrules completely won me over. At $34 for 10 brushes, this set is also a steal. It's currently sold out on, but most of the stores in my area still have plenty of sets on the shelves. 

From left to right: Powder Brush, Flat-Top Blusher, Angled Duo-Fiber Face brush and Foundation brush.

Foundation brush, Eyeshadow brush, Blending brush, Crease brush, Angled Duo-Fiber Eye brush and Precision Eye brush.

Eyeshadow brush, Blending brush, Crease brush, Angled Duo-Fiber Eye brush, Precision Eye brush and Lash/Brow Groomer.
The quality of this set is on par with other Sonia Kashuk brushes. However, I do feel like the 15th Anniversary brush set released earlier this year is slightly better quality than this set overall. 
With this set, I feel like the eye shadow brushes are the weakest link. They work better for blending rather than packing on color. Also after I washed a few of them, the hairs looked a little frayed and I had to reshape the brush heads while they dried. The two smaller, pointed eye brushes didn't have this issue. 

The angled duo fibre eye brush also held up being washed just fine, but to be honest, I'm still figuring out this brush. I guess its for blending in the crease/under the brow bone, but for me it just feels awkward. It is however, very soft and picks up only a small amount of product so no worries about being heavy-handed while using this brush. 

The face brushes fared much better. My overall favorite is the angled duo-fiber face brush. Its super soft and does a great job both applying and blending powder products ( I haven't tried it with liquid foundation yet). The foundation brush is standard, nothing special. The flat top face brush and large powder brush are both very soft and perform great. 

The bottoms of each brush are imprinted with the "SK" logo. 

Overall, If you can find a set of these at your local Target then don't hesitate to buy them! Not only are they gorgeous to look at, they perform well. For the price they'll make a great gift for some one or even yourself!

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