Iman Beauty Success Kit Swatches

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Iman Beauty Success kit.

 While shopping on, I needed to add $10 to my cart to get free shipping. After searching the site for something interesting, I stumbled upon this kit from Iman. Since my local Target store doesn't even carry the brand, I was shocked to see it on the website. But in any case, even though one of my sisters loves the brand, this kit was my first experience with Iman's makeup.

Inside of packaging.

The Beauty Success Kit contains 1 lipgloss, 1 lipstick, 2 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 1 bronzer and 1 mini lip pencil. Which is great because I get to try several products from Iman without paying individual prices and risking $$$.

For some reason I thought this was going to be in a compact form, since many of the reviews said you can throw it in your purse and go. Instead the pots are glued into a molded plastic thing, meaning you have to leave the kit in its original packaging if you want to take it with you.

*I've been thinking of getting either a Z palette or Unii palette and I'll probably end up putting these Iman pots in one to make my own compact.*

I do like how the back flap opens up with info about the various colors and instructions on how to do a simple look. 

Back flap opened.
So far I like the pigmentation of everything in the kit. None of the colors go ashy on me and all of them are versatile enough to be worn daily.

* My Target order also came with a freebie/bonus/mistake in the form of a Maybelline Foundation that I never ordered and wasn't charged for. Too bad its about 10 shades too light for me to make any use of it.*

To see the swatches, click read more. 

Swatches with flash. Click to enlarge

Swatches without flash. Click to enlarge.
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  1. Pretty! My Target carries Iman products, so I'll have to see if this palette is available. I have yet to try Iman products also. At one point I thought about matching up a foundation to try, but I wasn't coming up with a match.

  2. I've heard good things about Iman foundations, but I've never been able to successfully ordered the right color foundation online. My sister (who lives in another state) loves their lip and brow pencils and their lipglosses.