My Freebie Maybelline Foundation

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As I mentioned in the post below, this full-sized Maybelline Age Rewind foundation was in the box with my order from It wasn't listed on the packing slip and I wasn't charged for it, so I'm assuming this was just a mistake on the part of whoever packed my box.

The shade is #250 Pure Beige and is waaaay to light for me to make any use of it. But still I decided to swatch it and test it on my face to see how I like the formula/coverage (I did not take pics of it on my face for obvious reasons. Lets just say I looked a long lost sister of Michael Jackson - NOT a good look for me!)

According to the packaging, this foundation took 7 years of research, holds multiple patents and is formulated with Goji Berry and Collagen. Its for all skin types, and is supposed to micro-correct and give a lifted appearance

Because of the name, I'm assuming this foundation it geared toward more mature ladies. With that in mind, I was expecting a moisturizing formula and maybe dewier finish. In those areas, this stuff doesn't deliver. The finish is VERY matte, and it highlighted every dry patch, flake of skin and pimple on my face. Now I realize this could be due to the fact that the color was all kinds of wrong. But if its possible, this made my skin look drier than it actually is.

The coverage though is great. On the packaging it states that its "Super Concentrated" which I guess is Maybelline's way of saying full coverage. There was no hint of my natural skin color once I applied this to my face. It also feels very light on your skin, not at all cakey or masky looking. I'm thinking that if I can find a shade that works for me, this could be a great summer foundation when my skin is super oily.
With flash. Click to enlarge.
 On one last note, the applicator/eraser thing is just dumb, dumb, dumb! It applies too much and smears it around in streaks. I had much better luck using my fingers.
Without flash. Click to enlarge.
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