Rock and Republic Eyeshadow Sale!

By | Tuesday, January 11, 2011 4 comments
I got this email from Rock and Republic, and not only are the eyeshadows bogof, but they're also $14 each instead of the regular $28!

*edit: I was so excited about this deal, but apparently its only bogof for ONE eyeshadow. I added about 8 to my cart and the coupon only worked for one shadow, plus the shipping is like $17. Really?!? Almost 20 bucks to ship some makeup. Looks like I'll be passing on this, which is a shame because I really love Paranoid, and was looking forward to adding a few more R&R eyeshadows to my collection.

*Another Edit: Apparently theres another discount code "rockcosmetics" for 50% off that can be added to the free eyeshadow coupon. PLUS since this is my first order since I got my invite, I get another $25 off. This would mean I could get 6 shadows for $33.65 shipped. This would make each shadow a little more than $5 a piece. Should I do it?

Also if anyone wants an invite to get the additional $25 off, I'd be happy to send you one!
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  1. Ooooh, I'm interested. I have yet to try there often coveted, highly pigmented blushes!

  2. Did you do it? I love Rock & Republic shadows and blushes, but I am NOT paying 17 bucks for them to ship it to me. Not with the actual 'items' so cheap. No dice.

  3. @Lady K, I have one blush in Call Me and I love it to pieces!

    @Shahada, I didn't do it, the practical side of me won over, lol. $17 for shipping is outrageous for makeup.

  4. Lol @ the practical side of you winning out! Can you send me the invite please? I have 2 blushes and 1 face powder in angora which is loovvveeeeeeeee!!! My email is I'd be forever indebted to you :-)