Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Brush Set LE

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I have a terrible brush addiction and absolutely did not need to add any more to my collection (at last count I had over 200, just shameful) I passed by this set at Target multiple times before I caved and these beauties finally came home with me (I blame the purple) This set is limited edition and apparently has sold out at many Targets across the country.
My favorite trio out of the set. Great for countouring/highlighting 
Super soft blush and face brush
Great variety of fluffy blending brushes
All of these are perfect for detailed eye work
Spoolie, foundation and small concealer brush.
The gorgeous dark purple handles match the purple synthetic brush heads while gold lettering and ferrules add a nice luxe touch and really make these brushes stand out from the usual drug store fare. These brushes are weighted nicely and feel really great in my hand. The brush heads are equal, if not better than the usual Sonia Kashuk brush quality. I've had my set for about 2 months and have experienced minimal shedding even after daily use and multiple washing. I was nervous about the purple dye in the brush heads running/staining with washing, but so far this hasn't been an issue at all.

The set is priced at $34.99 and features a very unique array of brush heads not found on typical drug store brushes. Although that seems pricey, when you break the cost down per brush its a really great deal. I do wish the set came with a brush roll or holder. Since it is so many brushes in this set, it would've been nice to have a way to store them all.

Overall this set is worth every penny wether you're just starting out or adding to an existing collection.
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