Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna Palette Review+Swatches

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The Tamanna palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills is a 10-shadow palette with a mix of both matte and shimmery shades (there are 3 mattes and 7 shimmers). The palette features a very nice color selection, even though some of them are easily dupeable, others are more unique. 
Included with this palette is a double-ended Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow brush and  5 "Get the Look" cards with step-by-step, detailed instructions printed on the back designed to help everyone from newcomers to pro's duplicate a specific eyeshadow look. Tamanna Roashan (a L.A. based makeup artist who the palette is named after) has a very distinctive makeup style, and even though I've been doing makeup for years, I found the instructions helpful in mimicking the "Tamanna" style.   
I found the shadows in this palette to have varying degrees of pigmentation, however none of them are duds. The color "chocolate" for example isn't as pigmented as the color "Gilded" but its still a decent matte chocolate brown great for using in the crease. "Noir" the matte black color puts many other makeup companies black eyeshadows to shame *cough*Mac Carbon*cough* Not only is it intensely black in color, its also very easy to blend. 

While all the shadows are soft and semi-creamy, I did find that swatching these shadows on my arm and applying them to my eyelids were two totally different things. On my lids they really needed a base to give me true-to-pan color whereas on my arm I didn't use any base before swatching. 

Out of all the colors "China Rose" and "Custom" are my favorites. "China Rose" is a gorgeous peach-pink-gold color that looks amazing on brown skin. It's what I hoped Mac "Melon" pigment would look like on me (I swear I'm not picking on Mac, lol) Instead "Melon" loses all the peachy-ness once I apply it and looks plain gold.
"Custom" is a taupe-mauve-gray color that doesn't look ashy or too silvery on me. Its a great everyday neutral with a really nice sheen. 

The brush included with this palette is also very good. The head isn't scratchy and does a decent job of blending the shadows. The pointed end is great for small crease work and more precise application. It won't replace any of my everyday brushes, but its great to have in a pinch.

Tamanna Palette Bottom Row
Tamanna Palette Top Row
A double-ended Anastasia Beverly Hills brush is included in the Tamanna Palette. 
My Rating:
Quality = 4 Stars
Color Selection= 5 Stars
OVERALL - 4.5 stars

The Tamanna/Dress Your Face Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills retails for $29 and can be purchased at both Sephora and Ulta!

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