Too Faced Brow Envy Kit *EDITED*

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I was so excited when I came across this kit at Nordstrom Rack for the bargain price of $11.97, less than half of its usual $34 price tag! Sadly my excitement was short lived once I got home and actually tried this kit on my brows...

First the good: This kit comes fully loaded with 2 brow powders (Blonde and Brunette, you're supposed to mix them to create your perfect shade) a brow wax, highlighting powder for under the brow, mini tweezers, mini spoolie brush, mini angled liner brush, mini reddish-brown brow pencil, 4 reusable stencils and step-by-step instructions on how to shape/fill/pluck and set your brows to perfection all packaged in one purse-ready kit (whew!)

Now the reality: The kit is too big and bulky to realistically carry anywhere in anything other than a duffel bag (I'm exaggerating, but still) Next we have the brow powders with really poor pigmentation, or I should say only pigmented enough for folks with medium blonde/brown eyebrow hairs. Those of us with deeper brunette and raven-haired brows will find that all these "Brow Envy" powders do is make our brows look ashy. I never knew ashy brows were even possible until trying this kit, lol!

The brow powders are by far the weakest link in this kit. Now on to the rest!

The highlighting powder is surprisingly creamy and pigmented. I was worried the pinkish tone wouldn't work with my yellow skin undertones, but this matte powder looked extremely flattering on my brow bone. It also blends well.

The setting wax is harder than other brow waxes I've tried and is just okay. I had to really dig it out to get enough product on my brows.

The tweezers are great, I really love them. Sturdy and easy to handle they're a real standout in this kit.

Spoolie & angled brush: Both above average. I wasn't expecting much from either because let's be honest, in kits with multiple tools, parts and pieces things are often thrown in as "filler."

Brow pencil: as I mentioned before, it's more of a reddish brown color and would probably work really well for those with similar hair color. The pencil is not too dry and applied evenly on my brows.

The brow stencils I haven't actually used so...but they seem like they'd work well for those who have a hard time getting their brows to have a certain shape/style.

The step-by-step instructions: Great for beginners or for those growing out their brows. My brows are due for an overhaul and if I attempt to do them myself and not go to a pro (I live on the edge!), I'll be using the Brow Envy instructions as a guide.

Overall, even though I was super disappointed in the brow powders in The Too Faced Brow Envy kit, the other parts of this set kinda make up for it. However, I would not recommended paying full price for this! Not even half price.

After I posted this review I received a super helpful suggestion to mix the "Brunette" Brow powder with the brow wax in this kit to create a more intense color. I tried it and I love the way it came out! No more ashy brows 😜
Much better than my original attempt at using the Too Faced Brow Envy Kit! 

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