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This skincare line was completely new to me. While I don't have super dry skin, the Infinite Aloe slogan, "Never have dry skin again" seemed worth investigating. Plus the fact that both the scrub and moisturizer can be used on both face and body is a huge bonus in my book.

My face is both crazy oily and dry/tight if I don't use a moisturizer after cleansing. When I read the reviews on Amazon for this moisturizer a lot of people claimed it balanced out their oily-ness while hydrating the skin. This is EXACTLY what it did for me too! I've never encountered a "moisturizer" that didn't leave me looking like a shiny disco ball after applying. I don't know what kind of magical ingredients in infinite aloe are responsible for the soft, matte finish it gives my skin. If I knew what the key ingredient was, I'd buy stock in it!

The moisturizer is rich and creamy, but somehow manages to soak in completely in under 2 minutes. Seriously. I can put on my makeup right away and not worry about it "sliding" off.

The smell is pleasant and not over powering. It fades a few minutes after application.

Now on to the scrub! This definitely has a stronger, more earthy scent. It reminds me of herbs and I don't mind it at all. I was afraid to use this on my face at first. Because after all, if it's strong enough to remove the dead skin from my body, its probably too strong for the more delicate skin on my face right? Wrong.

This scrub is super rich and creamy. The exfoliating beads are surrounded by a wonderful mix of ingredients that keep them from being too harsh on the face. It left my skin feeling smooth and supple, with no visible redness or irritation.

It pperformed just as well on my body, but I prefer it more on my face.
Infinite Aloe Skin Cream ingredients

Infinite Aloe Scrub ingredients

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