Rite Aid Haulin: Wet n Wild Color Icon Trios + NYC Bronzer

By | Sunday, February 27, 2011 2 comments
I made a quick trip to Rite Aid and picked up 4 of the new Wet n Wild eyeshadow trios, 3 of Natural Blend Lip shimmers and a NYC Bronzer duo.

The trios are hit and miss as far as quality. But at $1.99 each I'm not really complaining, lol. My least favorite is I Dream of Greenie, the greens looked stunning in the packaging, but the formula is very chalky/powdery. My fav of the bunch is Silent Treatment, which I've used in a few looks already. The taupy/mauve color in it is great for brown skin since its got great pigmentation and doesn't look ashy at all.

Wet n Wild Trio: I Dream of Greenie

Wet n Wild Trio: I Got Good Jeans
 The NYC Bronze Mist is also a hit for me. For starters the colors actually show up on brown skin and the forumula doesn't have a bunch of chunky glitter like other bronzers do. The highlighter side looks so natural and just seems to brighten up the areas I apply it to without it being obvious I have a highlighter on.

I loved this bronzer so much I went to Target and got the other 2 in the series, Bronze Gold and Terracotta Tan. I haven't taken pics of them yet, but I'll be adding those swatches soon.
Wet n Wild Trio: I'm Getting Sunburned

Wet n Wild Trio: Silent Treatment

NYC Bronzer in #718A Bronze Mist

NYC Bronze Mist
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  1. I have that same NYC bronzer & it is great! I haven't tried the other colors, but if they are as good as Bronze Mist, I'm sold!

  2. @ Lady K, I love this bronzer so much and its actually the best of all three imo.