Sephora 24 Karat Gold Mine Brush Set Review

By | Monday, November 17, 2014 Leave a Comment
The moment I saw this brush set on, I knew I had to have it! Almost everything about it was unique and unlike any other brush sets that I already own. I loved how there were no separate ferrules on these brushes and instead the handle was one solid peace of beautiful gold metal (or so I thought...)
I also loved the shape of the brush heads. It seemed like Sephora put real consideration into this set and didn't just reuse some of the brush heads from their existing collections.

I was completely sold. But given the $85 price tag I waited until my local Sephora got a few sets in stock so I could view them in person before spending my hard earned cash. At the store however the display set was locked away behind clear plastic and I wasn't able to touch these beauties in person. Still determined to get them, I used an online coupon and anxiously waited for these to arrive in the mail. 

Now imagine my disappointment when I removed the brushes from the display stand they were packaged in and saw this... 
Noooooo! Hideous black rubber bottoms on each brush. Why Sephora?? I wanted a truly luxe and unique set of makeup brushes.  With the black rubbery bottoms, this set actually reminds me of the much cheaper (and a whole lot less luxe) Real Techniques brushes available at most drugstores. 

Back of the box with descriptions of each brush. 
Complexion Perfecter and Natural Flush Blush brushes
Precision Corrector and All Over Shadow brushes
Domed Crease and Soft Focus Liner brushes
This set comes with 6 brushes, each with their description imprinted on the handles. It also includes the stand to display them in. Although the synthetic brush heads are very full and soft, I just don't love this set anymore (its silly, I know). I also wasn't wowed by the performance of these brushes. They're slightly better than okay. I honestly feel like they're like an overpriced version of Sonia Kashuk brushes and I'll probably be returning them to Sephora soon. 

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