I Broke My Blog! (Well not exactly)

By | Wednesday, February 09, 2011 5 comments
A few days ago I was determined to get rid of that anime skull pic behind the header that came with this blog template. I started deleting the lines of html code one at a time until the pic was gone. Well I'm no web expert and apparently I deleted the settings for the for the main window where the blog posts show up. OOPS!

All the (correct) settings have been restored and it appears that all is now well! New posts coming soon...
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  1. Omg. I'm not laughing at you... well, I am - a little bit. Girl!
    I'm dying to see new makeup looks! Let's get to it!

  2. LOL I was wondering what had happened!

  3. couldnt find any posts on ur blog but Yay glad everthn is ok now,cant wait for more posts hun

  4. Hey sistah! I totally understand your situation. Blog template is very hard to make original. I will keep my eyes open to be on the look out for your new post. Wishing you luck!

  5. It feels good to be back up and running, lol. I think I'll be leaving this template alone for a while!