Revlon ColorBurst Liptstick Swatches

By | Monday, January 10, 2011 8 comments
 A trip to my local CVS yielded these lovely ColorBurst lipsticks from Revlon at 75% off. I'd read some really great reviews of these of MakeupAlley, but becuase of the price (nearly $10 each) I never brought any.

There are a lot of colors in this lipstick line, but unfortunately only 5 were on clearance, and out of those 5, I brought these four. There were some great nude shades I wanted to get, but they'll have to wait for another clearance sale!

From Left: Sienna, Lilac, Mauve and Hazelnut
The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging: the diamond pattern and matte black finish make these seem more expensive than something from Revlon. The name "Revlon is also printed into the lipstick itself, adding another nice touch. I also love that the top of the tube shows the color of the lipstick. No more opening tube after tube and getting frustrated when I can't find what I'm looking for.

As for the formulas, they're very creamy and not drying at all. The colors are nicely pigmented and opaque with a slightly glossy finish. I've only worn the Hazelnut one so far, and it lasted fairly well without needing a touch up. Overall, while I wouldn't pay $10 a piece for these, for $2.44 they're great!

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  1. Great swatches.. I love Revlon lipsticks!x

  2. Amazing swatches, I need to purchase these. :)

  3. Nice! I really like the Mauve. Reminds me of the Guerlain Fuchsia Delice... at a fraction of the price!

  4. Thanks ladies! These are my first Revlon lippies and so far I'm loving the quality.

  5. I picked up Hazelnut and have it on today. The mauve & lilac are nice and I plan to get those also!

  6. I got Mauve and Hazlenut too! These are really nice lipsticks.(:

  7. Hazelnut and Mauve are my 2 favs out of the bunch! Both compliment brown skin really well. I'm seriously considering paying full price to get my hands on a few more colors.

  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I found Hazelnut (not tried yet) but couldn't tell which others were still 75% off. The formulation is great on these. :)