Nars 9947 Palette Swatches

By | Saturday, January 15, 2011 7 comments

I love finding great quality makeup at a price that both me and Bank of America can agree on, lol. A few months ago, a trip to my local TJ Maxx yielded this gorgeous six color eyeshadow palette from Nars for a mere $15!

Sometimes cosmetics at discount stores are gross and obviously used and picked over. So I was super lucky to get to this palette while it was still in the box and before some random shopper with NO  appreciation for makeup could make a mess of it, lol.

The colors included are:
Himalayas - Looks almost white in the pan, but is actually a light pinky/gold color

Ondine - I don't really know how to describe this color, its like a purply-mauve with lots of gold shimmer in it. Very unique and gorgeous.

Night Flight - Black based rich navy color with some shimmer

Surbaya II - Another one thats hard to describe. Its reddish brown with some shimmer

Bohemian Gold II - A coral-y/gold-y/peach-y color

Kilimanjaro I - Like Himalayas this color also looks white-ish in the pan, but swatches as a beautiful white-gold color.
To see the swatches, click read more.

Swatches with flash. Click to enlarge.

Swatches without flash. Click to enlarge.
As you can see from the swatches, each color is super pigmented and I didn't use any primer on my arm.

Some of these are truly unique and like nothing else I have in my collection. So far I've only used Night Flight in a look, but I intend to do looks with each of these very soon!

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  1. GREAT bargain! You were lucky to find that palette... I never have such luck. Boo! I will definitely be scouting out a pan of Ondine. That color is gorgeous.

  2. Great price for sure. That palette looks nice. :) As I will always say, NARS = LOVE!

  3. @Tanisa, I love all my Nars makeup so much! I've heard that the quality can be hit and miss sometimes, but so far everything I have has been great quality.

    @Shahada, I never have luck either when I'm looking for a deal, its usually when I'm broke that something fantastic catches my eye, lol. And Ondine is truly a unique color and so worth it if you can find it!

  4. oh i love great finds like that! i have the 9952 palette which was included in a set from Sephora! ondine is in that palette also- it is a unique color!

  5. Omg im so jealous lol this palette looks soooo pretty.lucky you!

  6. @Tierra, lol, I only find steals like this once a blue moon.

    @Lady K, the 9952 looks gorgeous and super versatile! Have you done many looks with it?

  7. those colors look amazing. i want one!