Black Radiance Swatches + Review

By | Friday, December 31, 2010 10 comments
Gingersnap Artisan Baked Bronzer

Toasted Almond Artisan Baked Blush
While I'm not too impressed with some of the Black Radiance makeup I got the other day,  some of it I'm absolutely in love with! The Toasted Almond blush is so gorgeous on brown skin, the color is like no other in my collection. Its not too pink, red or brown, but just a perfect combination of all three to leave a natural looking, warm flush of color to my cheeks. Its pigmented, but blends out beautifully and can also be built up for a more dramatic look. 

The Gingersnap bronzer swatches as more of a slightly pinkish-gold and works well as a highlighter. The glitter isn't too chunky and if this is applied with a light hand, its subtle enough to use as a brow bone highlight as well as on the tops of the cheeks.

The eyeshadow were prob the biggest disappointment. The swirling baked colors look so pretty in the pan, but apply as one basic gold and basic bronze. They're still pretty, but nothing spectacular.
Rum Spice Artisan Baked Eyeshadow

 I haven't swatched the 2 lipglosses, but they're both unique colors and have a nice, non-sticky formula.  Also both were on clearance for $1.75 so I'm going back to grab a few more.
Mint Julep Artisan Baked Eyeshadow

Left: Gingersnap Bronzer    Right: Toasted Almond Blush

From Top to Bottom: Mint Julep applied Wet, Mint Julep applied dry. Rum Spice Applied dry, Rum Spice applied Wet
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  1. Great review, thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks for the review! I love those blushes!

  3. I have the Gingersnap bronzer as well (in fact wearing it as I speak) and I absolutely LOVE it. I just left Sephora and one of the girls there asked me what I was wearing on my cheeks. $4 and change - whoo hoo!

  4. Glad you guys liked my review! I know what you mean Chica, I love finding great products at a low price!

  5. Thanks for the review! I was looking for a new bronzer.

  6. @GorgeousPuddin, you're welocme, glad my review was helpful! And welcome to my blog, nice to have you as a reader!

  7. I'll be needing to try the blush and bronzer, the swatches look nice. I just bought three Sephora blushes today (even though I really wanted Nars Orgasm, *sniff*) because my blush game is way underweight, lol.

  8. I have the Artisan blush in "Warm Berry" It is super pigmented! I want to try it with a nude lip for Spring! Thanks for sharing!

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  10. @Adjua, I know how you feel, I don't have many blushes either, lol. I saw your review of the Sephora blushes. They looked so pretty in the pan, but were the swatches were a letdown :(

    @Cierra, I so wish I'd gotten Warm Berry! At the time I wasn't sure how the pigmentation was going to be so I played it safe and just brought Toasted Almond, now I'll have to pay crazy Ebay prices to get my hands on Warm Berry :(